Eneska 4-1 (Espert 500) – NSK Micromotor Handpieces

Eneska 4-1 (Espert 500) – NSK Micromotor Handpieces

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The NSK Espert 500 and Eneska 4-1 micro motor polishing and grinding systems are very diverse as is it is a modular system. All of these handprieces fit directly onto the motor, so a huge range of tools can be used.

All hand pieces below fit into the brushless motors J-BM 50S and J-BM 50HT

Find the complete Eneska 4-1 Micromotor System here.

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£463.95£1,415.21 incl VAT

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Eneska 4-1 Handpieces

Choose from the following Eneska 4-1 Handpieces

Find the complete Eneska 4-1 Micromotor System here.

J-HER-500 Rapid Chuck straight handpiece – this the standard hand piece which comes with the set. This is the most popular handpiece and allows many tools to be used with this machine. This simple micro grinder setup is perfect for grinding with carbide burrs, diamond points and abrasives but also perfect for deburring tools and also felts for polishing.
Collet: CHH style. Come with 3mm others available.
Speed: 50,000rpm
Dimensions 22.4mm diameter x 58mm 95grams weight.

J-EHG-400 Heavy Duty large straight hand piece – This larger straight hand piece for taking tools with a 6mm shank. For best results use with the step down gear for increased torque.
Collet: CHG style. Come with 6mm others available.
Speed: 30,000rpm
Dimensions 22.4mm diameter x 74mm 100grams weight.

J-ERA-270 90 degree Angled head – angled head are perfect to use with discs and pads particularly helpful when working on mould tools and dies when surfaces must be kept flat. Use with our self-adhesive discs.
Collet: CHS style. Come with 3mm others available.
Speed: 20,000rpm
Dimensions 22.4mm diameter x 71mm 100grams weight.

J-JEKC-300 45 degree Angled head – angled head is perfect for working on hard to reach areas and for a more comfortable working angle. Commonly used with discs or mounted points etc.
Collet: CHC style. Come with 3mm others available.
Speed: 20,000rpm
Dimensions 22.5mm diameter x 69.5mm 60grams weight.

J-ERA-270S 90 degree Angled head – angled head with a heavy duty 6mm collet, this is perfect for working on larger items where you requirements for larger diameter discs are required. This is ideal for working on larger flat areas like on mould tools and tools for composite materials. Surface conditioning discs at 50mm and 75mm are popular with this tool.
Collet: GH style. Come with 6mm others available.
Speed: 18,000rpm
Dimensions 24mm diameter x 44mm 110grams weight.
*This must be used with the rapid change coupling*

Diprofil FMR/ Mini automatic file tool – available in 0.5mm 1.0mm and 1.5mm stroke length – Diprofil filing systems are well known for their quality. This small handpiece is ideal to use with diamond files, needle files and ultrafine ceramic stones for automatic filing. Can be used in many applications.
Tool receptacle 3.5mm Diameter.
Number of strokes – 8,000 strokes/min
Sound <70DB(A) Vibration <2.5m/S2
Dimensions 24mm diameter x 90mm 120grams weight.

J-BS-400 Mini Belt Grinder – excellent mini finger belt sander with high toque is easy to use, low vibration and excellent for sanding small detailed welds, sanding and linishing.
Belts are 4 x 300 or 6 x 300 and 8 x 300 sizes fit this belt sander
Gearing 8:3
Weight 355g
Speed variable to 15,000rpm

Diprofil FPT/ER hand filing machine – Diprofil tool with adjustable stroke length from 0.5mm to 6.0mm for many applications of filing action from sawing to very fine micro filing. Most popular using with files- diamond files, needle files, ultrafine ceramic stones, mould tool stones. This machine also has speed control. It is the ultimate automatic filling system.
Stroke length – 0.5-6.0mm continually adjustable
Number of strokes – Max 7,800 strokes/min
Tool receptacle – 1mm-6.5mm diameter with 32mm depth. So any file will fit happily.
Sound level <70dB(A)
Vibration 7-8m/s2
Weight – 750g

The Eneska 4-1 and NSK Espert 500 micro motor system are a very versatile system as you can use this huge range of Eneska 4-1 handpieces with the motors and control boxes. With this range of hand pieces so many application and industries would find this micro drill very useful. The tool was initially designed for the mould tool making industry, where angled heads, files and rotary tools are all used regularly. Here at Moleroda we have diversified this application for deburring many machined and ground parts for industry like oil and gas parts, aerospace, automotive (porting etc) for cleaning, polishing and deburring high precision parts which require very high quality finish. We have more recently been introducing this tool into fabrication, foundry, general polishing shops, jewellery making and also sculpture creation.

Weight 1 kg

JEHR 500 rapid chuck 3mm collet handpiece, JEHG 400 6mm collet HD straight handpiece, JERA 270 Angle 90 degree head 3mm collet, JEKC 300 Angle 45 degree head 3mm collet, FMR/E10 Diprofil mini file 1.0mm stroke length, FMR/E15 Diprofil mini file 1.5mm stroke length, JBS400 Mini Belt Grinder