Diamond Needle File Set of 6

Diamond Needle File Set of 6

£32.89 incl VAT

Diamond needle files are available in a range of shapes that suit precision work. Diamond files quickly, with accuracy and removes material on both the push and pull stroke unlike standard needle files.

An assortment of 6 mixed shapes for a range of applications.

This set of 6 are all Medium grade.

£32.89 incl VAT

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Diamond Needle File Set

Diamond needle file set of 6. These are precision files which are useful in tight spaces and on very detailed work.


  • 2 off Flat
  • 1 off Square
  • 1 off Round
  • 1 off Half Round
  • 1 off Triangle

All are 16cm long and Medium Grade

Individual Files are available here.

Diamond files are like normal needle files but work much quicker.

Used for refining and smoothing edges, removing burrs, smoothing solder joins/welds, removing scratches etc

You can use diamond files as they are or with a needle file holder.

Either use by hand or with a lapping machine such as an air lapper (not ususally seen in the Jewellery world but aren’t unheard of!).

Used by jewellers, sculptors, precision engineers and mould tool polishers.

For Jewellers

Generally used for more cut than a standard needle file. Ideal for using where there is excess solder you want to remove quickly. Leaves a fairly smooth finish which you can the finish with Micro-mesh, wet & dry etc.

A really good use for diamond files is also shaping and dressing ceramic stones and rubber points. It is much less damaging for the file than a standard file and more accurate.

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