Diamond Compound for mould tool polishing

Diamond Compound for mould tool polishing

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Highly graded diamond compounds in paste form. Oil and water miscible. Green and user-friendly chemicals make a stable and reliable product for consistent results every time. Diamond Compound (Paste) in Syringes – Each. Available in 2 concentrations

  • MEDIUM: low cost, high quality diamond compound. Oil & water miscible.
  • HIGH: highly graded diamond giving a more even surface finish. Oil & water miscible.

Available in 1/10 to 90 Micron (Colour Coded) & 5grm or 10 grm syringes.

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£11.57£53.15 incl VAT

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How to use Diamond Compound / Diamond Paste?

Diamond compound is commonly used for metal polishing. It is used regularly for mould tool and die polishing.

The diamond paste come in a range of micron grades. 90 micron being the coarsest grade used for cutting back metal. right down to (1/10micron which is very very fine for mirror finishing.

The most popular grades are:

  • Starting with 45 or 25 micron for pre-polishing
  • Using 16,10,6 micron to slowing lap or grind the surface flat
  • 3 micron will create a mirror finish but 2 or 1 micron will give an optical reflective finish.
  • Grades 45, 60, 90 and 1, 1/4 and 1/10 are not popular grades.

What to use with Diamond Compound / Diamond Paste?

Firstly it is a good idea to use Lapping Fluid with the diamond compound to lucubrate the surface which could prevent drying out and scratching.

For Lapping for Polishing there is a huge range of tools you can use

Lapping – Felt sticks, Wooden lapping sticks, mounted lapping sticks 

for polishing in rotary application a felt bob, or wooden bob can be used.

Moleroda also recommend using a micro motor system to control speed for polishing. Check the speed requirements depending on the size of the bob used.

If you are using a lot of diamond compound try buying it in 20 gram syringeGreat cost savings.

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Micron Size

Fine 1/10 Grey, 1/4 Grey, 1 Micron Blue, 2 Micron Pink, 3 Micron Green, 6 Micron Yellow, 10 Micron Red, 16 Micron Brown, 25 Micron Mahogany, 45 Micron Purple, 60 Micron Orange, 90 Micron White

Diamond Concentration

Medium Diamond, High Diamond

Syringe Size

5g Syringe, 10g Syringe

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